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English-Hindi > kilter

kilter meaning in Hindi

kilter sentence in Hindi
1.And then we were able to get Texas out of kilter.

2.What is still out of kilter is the Cuban salary scale.

3.Instead, they bring balance to an off-kilter world.

4.The clips are even funnier when they're off kilter.

5.My chiropractor detects how dreadfully off-kilter I really am.

6.Agricultural fields have been damaged and houses have tilted off kilter.

7.The event, however, seemed a little out of kilter.

8.But there's something a little off-kilter here.

9.And I feel out of kilter if we miss a Sunday.

10.I wrote the part with someone off-kilter in mind.

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in working order; "out of kilter"; "in good kilter"
Synonyms: kelter,

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