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English-Hindi > kwacha

kwacha meaning in Hindi

noun plural: kwachas   
kwacha sentence in Hindi
1.A Fifty Kwacha banknote was issued commemorating the 50th Independence Anniversary.

2.The new 20 kwacha note was found to contain an error.

3.His face appears on the 200 Kwacha ( Malawian currency ).

4.The court awarded Banda thousands of kwacha in damages as compensation.

5.In 2013, a new, redenominated kwacha was introduced.

6.The 500 and 1000 kwacha were both printed on polymer.

7.No one promised us 20 million kwacha ( dlrs 14, 000 ),

8.The stipend was to be 280, 000 kwacha ( about dlrs 250 ).

9.Government employees earn about 60, 000 kwacha ( dlrs 40 ) a month.

10.The fifty tambala and one kwacha coin are composed of brass-plated steel.

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the basic unit of money in Malawi
Synonyms: Malawi kwacha,

the basic unit of money in Zambia
Synonyms: Zambian kwacha,

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