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English-Hindi > labial consonant

labial consonant meaning in Hindi

labial consonant sentence in Hindi
labial    अधरोष्‍ठ ओष्ठ
consonant    व्यंजन एक स्वर एक
1.Labial consonants, however, were unaffected by the above palatalizations.

2.If a labial consonant immediately precedes, palatalisation is triggered.

3.Moreover, Zulu does not generally tolerate sequences of a labial consonant plus.

4.It seems to have been favored when was adjacent to labial consonants or.

5.They are available only for labial consonants } } and coronal consonants } }.

6.Lastly, w is a continuant and labial consonant ( Capell, 1969 ).

7.A change in unstressed vowels when absolute enclitic position has labial consonant and vowel assimilation.

8.Whenever follows a labial consonant, it changes to, which then triggers palatalisation of the consonant.

9.The voiced labial consonants and ( represented by and, respectively ) both developed a fricative as an intervocalic allophone.

10.The labial vowel sounds usually still remain, but only as allophones next to the now-labial consonant sounds.

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