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English-Hindi > labial

labial meaning in Hindi

labial sentence in Hindi
1.The approximant / w / is a voiced labial-velar.

2.Three or four of the posterior lower labials have deep pits.

3.Seven upper labials, the third and fourth entering the eye.

4.Four lower labials are in contact with the anterior chin shield.

5.The labials and throat are white, as is the belly.

6.Two rows of scales separate the eye from the upper labials.

7.Five upper labials occur, with the third entering the eye.

8.Three lower labials are in contact with the anterior chin shield.

9.Labial consonants, however, were unaffected by the above palatalizations.

10.The frons and upperside of the labial palps is dark brown.

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a consonant whose articulation involves movement of the lips
Synonyms: labial consonant,

relating to or near the female labium

of or relating to the lips of the mouth; "labial stops"

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