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English-Hindi > labog

labog meaning in Hindi

labog sentence in Hindi
1."Arroyo only speaks of an illusion of growth, " labor leader Elmer Labog said.

2."The people's call for Arroyo's resignation will continue to escalate, especially after the mutiny by young officers and soldiers, " labor leader Elmer Labog said.

3.One version is that libog was derived from the Bikol word " labog " meaning " unclear water " for there was a time when no potable water was available in the locality.

4."We also call on the American people to stop ( President George W . ) Bush from his warmongering efforts to attack the peace-loving people of the world, " said the group's secretary general Elmer Labog.

5.Another has it that the town might have been called after " labog " ( jellyfish ), which abound in its coastal water . " Libod " ( behind ) is another version because the town s position is behind the straight road from Legazpi to Tabaco across Basud to Santa Misericordia.

6.Diwalwal project, fertilizer fund scam, alleged bribery of members of the House, the swine scam under the Rural Credit Guarantee Corporation, and 2004 electoral fraud . " The opposition complainants were Edita Burgos, Iloilo Vice Governor Rolex Suplico, Jose de Venecia III, Harry Roque, Armando Albarillo, a human rights victim, Roneo Clamor, Karapatan deputy secretary general, Josefina Lichauco, and representatives from civil society-Renato Constantino, Jr ., Henri Kahn, Francisco Alcuaz, Rez Cortez, Virgilio Eustaquio, Jose Luis Alcuaz, Leah Navarro, Danilo Ramos, Concepcion Empe�o, Elmer Labog, Armando Albarillo, Roneo Clamor, and Bebu Bulchand.

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