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English-Hindi > labor day

labor day meaning in Hindi

labor day sentence in Hindi
श्रमिक दिवस
labor    काम मजदूर वर्ग
day    फ़तह अवसर चौबीस
1.The commercial season really gets going from May through Labor Day.

2.Ringwood residents are planning a Labor Day weekend homecoming and reunion.

3.Garrison had four waterfront listings available two weeks before Labor Day.

4.So both sides had an awful lot of Labor Day silliness.

5.The Americans will hold theirs in Colorado Springs after Labor Day.

6.The Meadowlands season runs from Labor Day until Nov . 23.

7.Sept . 2 _ Red Sox at Yankees on Labor Day.

8.Tomorrow is the 100th national anniversary of Labor Day in America.

9.I always knew wearing white shoes after Labor Day was wrong,

10.A reported 45 films are coming our way before Labor Day.

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