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English-Hindi > labor law

labor law meaning in Hindi

labor law sentence in Hindi

श्रम कानून
labor    काम मजदूर वर्ग
law    उपदेश कानून
1.The constitution guarantees free expression and rights to strike within labor laws.

2.They expect the situation to get worse with the new labor law.

3.Murray also taught labor law at Fordham University from 1960 to 1980.

4.They credit a new child labor law in Canada to their work.

5.California labor laws and government codes prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.

6.The car wash was cited for safety and child labor law violations.

7.But varying European labor laws could prevent a wide sweeping cap.

8.Yet the overhaul of labor law is taken very seriously here.

9.South Korea adopted a new labor law in February allowing layoffs.

10.The first positive sign for labor law reform came in 1971.

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