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English-Hindi > labor pains

labor pains meaning in Hindi

labor pains sentence in Hindi
labor    काम मजदूर वर्ग
pains    ज़हमत कोशिश ज़ोर
1.But the house's delivery was protracted and the labor pains are continuing.

2.Her first labor pains occurred just after Easter celebrations three years ago.

3.Michael is having sympathetic labor pains and is very needy and upset.

4.The Seminole Maroons also use cumin seed tea to relieve labor pains.

5.While he's gone, Abigail has labor pains but they soon wear off.

6.Ila then starts feeling labor pains and gives birth to twin girls.

7.Nana came to the staff members for petting during her labor pains.

8.As a woman, in this world, we go through labor pains everyday.

9.He originally thought Ms . de Bara was experiencing false labor pains.

10.Although O'Brien's due date was Saturday, she began experiencing labor pains early Sunday.

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a regularly recurrent spasm of pain that is characteristic of childbirth
Synonyms: birth pangs, labour pains,

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