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English-Hindi > labor-intensive

labor-intensive meaning in Hindi

labor-intensive sentence in Hindi
1.More specifically, they asked whether or not the united states really exported capital-intensive goods in exchange for labor-intensive goods .

2.On the development of labor - intensive industry

3.Animation by its nature is labor - intensive

4.Technology - intensive labor - intensive capital

5.See clearly and develop labor - intensive industries

6.Many major companies have relegated labor - intensive jobs to china

7.Pondering over economics in developing labor - intensive industries in clina

8.The rational consider about ourcountry ' s extensive and labor - intensive industry

9.The parts are very labor - intensive which makes them very expensive

10.Research on the relevant problems in the development of labor - intensive industry

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requiring a large expenditure of labor but not much capital; "cottage industries are labor intensive"
Synonyms: labour-intensive,

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