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English-Hindi > labour standard

labour standard meaning in Hindi

labour standard sentence in Hindi

• श्रम मानक
labour    मजदूर वर्ग मेहनत
standard    कक्षा मापदंड जमात
1.McKim called for labour standards legislation and the public ownership of utilities.

2.Furthermore, left-of-centre economists suggest that higher labour standards do not necessarily undermine competitiveness.

3.In 2010, she was appointed as Vice-President of the Quebec Labour Standards Commission.

4.The second campaign conducted by the Immigrant Workers Center concerned the Labour Standards Act.

5.National agencies and NGOs also monitor international labour standards.

6.After ten days, the delegates of the ICWW finalized many decisions revolved around labour standards.

7.Other international organisations like the United Nations and the World Bank also monitor international labour standards.

8.Challenges also exist in the usage of data to assess compliance with various international labour standards.

9.Outside of federal facilities, labour standards are generally under the jurisdiction of individual provinces and territories.

10.Associated with the development of successful international labour standards is proper monitoring and enforcement of labour standards.

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