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English-Hindi > standard

standard meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'stændəd ]  sound:  
noun plural: standards   
standard sentence in Hindi
1.The NHS now achieves this standard fully .
ण्@ःश् को अभी यह प्रमाण पूरी तरह से प्राप्त हो गया है .

2.Atlantic Standard Time - Quebec - Lower North Shore
अटलांटिक मानक समय - क्यूबेक - निचला उत्तरी किनारा

3.All old survey tables meet consistency standards
सभी पुराने सर्वेक्षण टेबल स्थिरता मानकों को पूरा

4.Environmental health officers check on food safety and hygiene; trade standards officers on food composition and labelling.
पत्रक में बताया गया है

5.standard contracts are 220,000 dollars in a whole year.
केंद्रीय अनुबंध होते थे २२०,००० डॉलर प्रतिवर्ष .

6.Specify the output file instead of standard output
मानक आउटपुट के बजाय आउटपुट फ़ाइल निर्दिष्ट करें

7.%s: Empty server command; using standard command.
%s: खाली सर्वर कमांड, मानक समादेश का प्रयोग कर रहा है.

8.Server name '%s' not found; using standard server
सर्वर नाम '%s' नहीं मिला, मानक सर्वर का उपयोग कर रहा है

9.Provide services which meet those standards .
ऐसी सेवाँए परिणाम देना जो प्रमाण का पालन करे|भाष्;

10.All Survey (Total) assessments meet consistency standards
सभी सर्वेक्षण आकलन (कुल) मानकों को पूरा सामंजस्य

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established or well-known or widely recognized as a model of authority or excellence; "a standard reference work"; "the classical argument between free trade and protectionism"

conforming to or constituting a standard of measurement or value; or of the usual or regularized or accepted kind; "windows of standard width"; "standard sizes"; "the standard fixtures"; "standard brands"; "standard operating procedure"

conforming to the established language usage of educated native speakers; "standard English" (American); "received standard English is sometimes called the King''s English" (British)
Synonyms: received,

commonly used or supplied; "standard procedure"; "standard car equipment"

regularly and widely used or sold; "a standard size"; "a stock item"
Synonyms: stock,

any distinctive flag
Synonyms: banner,

an upright pole or beam (especially one used as a support); "distance was marked by standards every mile"; "lamps supported on standards provided illumination"

the ideal in terms of which something can be judged; "they live by the standards of their community"
Synonyms: criterion,

a basis for comparison; a reference point against which other things can be evaluated; "the schools comply with federal standards"; "they set the measure for all subsequent work"
Synonyms: criterion, measure, touchstone,

the value behind the money in a monetary system
Synonyms: monetary standard,

a board measure = 1980 board feet

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