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English-Hindi > labyrinthine

labyrinthine meaning in Hindi

labyrinthine sentence in Hindi
1.The arrest shook the labyrinthine streets and grand boulevards of Barcelona.

2.The Garcia Marquez novel is short but of sumptuously labyrinthine structure.

3.The rules for election to the academy have been called labyrinthine.

4.It had a forbidding exterior and a dark, labyrinthine interior.

5.-- Exhibits detailing the labyrinthine pathway to a successful immigration.

6.Mike Nelson creates labyrinthine installations out of battered, junkyard materials.

7.However, the labyrinthine regulations do have a serious financial impact.

8.The labyrinthine subplots that had riddled earlier baroque opera were eliminated.

9.Why is this site's architecture and organization so labyrinthine?

10.And there is usually a lengthy, labyrinthine permitting process in cities.

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relating to or affecting or originating in the inner ear; "labyrinthine deafness"

resembling a labyrinth in form or complexity; "a labyrinthine network of tortuous footpaths"
Synonyms: labyrinthian, mazy,

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