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English-Hindi > lace bug

lace bug meaning in Hindi

lace bug sentence in Hindi

lace    गोटा जाली डोरी
bug    कीट कीड़ा खटकीड़ा
1.The vector for BCLV is " Piesma quadratum ", the beet lace bug.

2.Depending on the species, lace bugs have four or five instars.

3.The species is the first lace bug described from Mexican amber.

4.""'Corythucha tuthilli " "'is a little-known species of lace bug Tingidae native to Colorado and Arizona.

5.Lace bugs are usually lifecycle on the same plant, if not the same part of the plant.

6.Once populations of lace bugs are not available, these bugs usually will leave in search of other prey.

7.Lace bugs sometimes fall out of trees, land on people, and bite, which, although painful, is a minor nuisance.

8.Lace Bug Genera of the World, II : Subfamily Tinginae : tribes Litadeini and Ypsotingini ( Heteroptera : Tingidae ).

9.Lace bugs, which look like their name, will suck the juice from leaves, leaving white or yellow stipling on the tops of the foliage.

10.In Fordl�ndia, however, the trees were closely together in plantations, easy prey for tree blight, sauva ants, lace bugs, red spiders, and leaf caterpillars,.

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small bug having body and wings covered with a lacy network of raised lines

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