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English-Hindi > lacerated wound

lacerated wound meaning in Hindi

lacerated wound sentence in Hindi

कटा-फटा घाव
विदीर्ण क्षत
lacerated    पंगु लुंज
wound    क्षत क्षति
1.Fights can be gory; despite the protective skin deep, lacerated wounds and even deaths might occur.

2."All the bodies had crushed ( bones ) and lacerated wounds, " the medical examiner said in his four hours of testimony.

3.He had a lacerated wound over the right parietal bones of the skull, which meant that there was a depression in his skull of diameter.

4.It was subsequently revealed that, in addition to the fatal injuries Kennedy had received two deeply lacerated wounds to the skull during the earlier attack.

5.Bullet, Dr Aziz said, had a lacerated wound on the left side of his forehead and restricted movement of the right shoulder, right elbow and wrist.

6.Of damage to the eyes, a post-mortem report mentions " a lacerated wound " on the upper lid of the left eye and a " fissure of the frontal bone . " Official cause of death was meningitis caused by the injuries.

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