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English-Hindi > laced

laced meaning in Hindi

laced sentence in Hindi
1.And what's this business about jeans trimmed in lace?

2.And there were featherweight dresses that combined chiffon and fine lace.

3.Bawling when her skate lace broke during her Winter Olympics performance.

4.He was unable to tie the laces on his right shoe.

5.She tatted lace, knitted winter scarves, collected pig figurines.

6.Black sheaths, black tuxedos, black sequins and black lace.

7.Computer habits of a lesser extreme are laced with similar symptoms.

8.-- Decorative trims ( daisies, lace, bows ).

9.Tiny buttons decorate dresses along with bits of lace and belts.

10.This year Bradley Bayou used plastic sheeting for a lace shawl.

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closed with a lace; "snugly laced shoes"
Synonyms: tied,

edged or streaked with color; "white blossoms with purple-laced petals"

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