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English-Hindi > lacker

lacker meaning in Hindi

lacker sentence in Hindi
1.Lacker serves as director for the board of the Richmond Jewish Foundation.

2.Esposito and Lacker served as Presley's Co-Best Men at his wedding.

3.Marty Lacker served as Elvis'Chief Personal Aide for 3 of those years Esposito claims.

4.I wonder what Lacker would have thought about the talk ) 18 : 44, 3 April 2016 ( UTC)

5.When the Federal met in September 2015, Mr . Lacker issued the only vote in favor of increasing interest rates.

6.On January 11, 2017, the Richmond Times-Dispatch announced that Lacker would retire on October 1, 2017.

7.In Lacker's description, " The only thing that kept Elvis going after the early years was a new challenge.

8.Lacker took office on August 1, 2004, as the seventh chief executive of the Fifth District Federal Reserve Bank at Richmond.

9.Marty Lacker and Elvis'cousin, Billy Smith, were probably the closest true friends of Elvis according to some in the group.

10.Other prominent Virginians associated with the organization include Jeffrey M . Lacker, Richmond Federal Reserve and the late US Congressman Norman Sisisky and his wife.

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