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English-Hindi > laconic

laconic meaning in Hindi

pronunciation:[ lə'kɔnik ]  sound:  
laconic sentence in English
• संक्षिप्त
• रूखा
1.Because this is my laconic child.
क्योंकि यह मेरी अल्प-भाषी (कम बोलने वाली) बच्ची है.

2.The manager's laconic letter to the dismissed employees left them feeling very angry and hurt.
बर्खास्त कर दिये गए कर्मचारी मैनेजर का रूखा और संक्षिप्त पत्र पढ़ कर बहुत नाराज़ और आहत हुए।

brief and to the point; effectively cut short; "a crisp retort"; "a response so curt as to be almost rude"; "the laconic reply; `yes''"; "short and terse and easy to understand"
Synonyms: crisp, curt, terse,

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