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English-Hindi > ladened

ladened meaning in Hindi

ladened sentence in Hindi
1.However be careful with sauces that are ladened with chiles.

2.Because Showalter ladened them with rules they did not feel they needed, the Arizona veterans found their former manager oppressive.

3.Several players say the meeting was wild, but not like the expletive-ladened one he gave last season in Houston.

4.But Coach Ron Wilson inherited a team from the Coyotes'Jim Schoenfeld that was ladened with talent and high playoff potential.

5.In Tonga, an aging king controls an aristocrat-ladened parliament in a political system that amounts to an absolute monarchy.

6.Later, the entire congregation would enjoy dinner on the grounds, where tables would be ladened with the best soul food imaginable.

7.Despite a forecast of calm weather, the wind began to pick up, and the heavily ladened ship took on water in the high seas.

8.In action-ladened intrigue, Brosnan pulls off Bond's macho thing with a devil-may-care attitude that works in his favor.

9.His main tasks are to save a long-lost love ( Lena Headey ) and guard a treasure-ladened temple from " bad guys ."

10.The thunderstorms were the product of two fronts that collided over the British Isles  warm air travelling from the Azores and cold water-ladened air from the west.

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