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English-Hindi > ladybeetle

ladybeetle meaning in Hindi

ladybeetle sentence in Hindi
1.The " friendly insects " include ladybeetles, bees, ground beetles, humming birds.

2.Predators include midges, lacewings, syrphid fly larvae, anthocorid bugs and ladybirds ( ladybeetles ).

3.As early as 1916, Asian ladybeetles were imported to control other insects, but the introduced populations never caught on.

4.In China and elsewhere in the Far East, the Asian ladybeetle spends the winter in cracks of vertical rock faces.

5.You don't have to talk to Russell long before you realize he doesn't care much for Asian ladybeetles.

6.This species is conspicuous in North America where it may locally be known as the "'Halloween ladybeetle " '.

7.Asian ladybeetles can congregate on walls in large numbers, and as the weather gets colder they may enter soffit vents or cracks and make their way inside.

8.They're Asian ladybeetles, a species that apparently stowed away on ships from the Far East and entered the United States through ports in New Orleans, according to entomologists.

9.Russell said bug complaints in south central Michigan are often directed to him, and he fielded calls every few minutes last year as homeowners found themselves with hundreds to ladybeetles huddling together in their houses.

10.The firefly or lightning bug ( Lampyridae family ) and the insect known as ladybeetle, ladybug, or ladybird beetle, " Coccinella septempunctata ", were designated state insects by Public Chapter 292 of the Acts of 1975.

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