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ladyship sentence in Hindi

"ladyship" meaning in Hindi  
  • Why nothing _ only her ladyship has not an immaculate taste.
  • This umbrage was cast by her ladyship, the 76th Countess of Groan.
  • Harriet cannot believe she has married Peter until Bunter calls her " Your Ladyship ".
  • Her Ladyship is treated with the same respect as the head of the Vietnamese household.
  • He regretted, therefore, that he had to differ from his Lordship and her Ladyship.
  • A portrait of her ladyship when young was in the possession of the late Mr Sharpe.
  • Not without Mrs . Clinton specifically, but rather minus the entire outdated institution of the First Ladyship.
  • In 1993, she could have transformed health care in America and the first ladyship at the same time.
  • A manorial lordship or ladyship is not connected to the British honours system, but rather the feudal system.
  • According to the White House and the National First Ladies'Library, there have been 47 First Ladyships.
  • Presumably Mrs . Clinton will not try again to be the first ladyship if her husband is re-elected.
  • The first ladyship, Quayle insisted, is " not something to turn your nose up at ."
  • Mrs . Clinton's Deputy Chief of Staff, Melanne Verveer, becomes " Her Deputy Ladyship ."
  • So do we now curtsey when we meet her, or begin every sentence with " Your Ladyship "?
  • Widely known for his homosexual activities and considerably nicknamed as " Madam " or " Your Ladyship,"
  • During her First Ladyship, her focus was on beautification of natural areas, which stemmed from a lifelong love of nature.
  • Several presidential wives sought refuge from the burdens of first ladyship, from the wretched heat of Washington summers, from painful marriages.
  • Lucy's conduct and charity ( especially towards the family of poor priest Josiah Crawley ) weaken her ladyship's resolve.
  • Madison set the standard for the ladyship and her actions were the model for nearly every First Lady until Eleanor Roosevelt in the 1930s.
  • Those who hold a title with the rank of viscount, baron or " Se�or " use his lordship / her ladyship.
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