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English-Hindi > landau level

landau level meaning in Hindi

landau level sentence in Hindi

लैंडाऊ स्तर
level    सापेक्षिक स्तर
1.The symmetry multiplets in this case are the Landau levels which are infinitely degenerate.

2.In 1988, it was proposed that there was quantum Hall effect without Landau levels.

3.Each set of wave functions with the same value of is called a Landau level.

4.Then the occupation of each spin Landau level is just the ratio of fluxes =.

5.Semenoff emphasized the occurrence in a magnetic field of an electronic Landau level precisely at the Dirac point.

6.In a magnetic field, their spectrum has a Landau level with energy precisely at the Dirac point.

7.As the magnetic field is increased, more and more electrons can fit into a given Landau level.

8.In general, Landau levels are observed in electronic systems, where = 1 and = 1 / 2.

9.These oscillations arise from the quantization of the semiclassical cyclotron orbits of composite fermions into composite fermion Landau levels.

10.This term then fills in the separation in energy of the different Landau levels, blurring the effect of the quantization.

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