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English-Hindi > landdrost

landdrost meaning in Hindi

landdrost sentence in Hindi
1.During the administrative office of a Landdrost there is no municipal council.

2.The ordinance permitted couples to be married by a landdrost and two heemraden.

3.Said to be named after Charles Frederick Warden, landdrost of Harrismith from 1884 to 1900.

4.The field cornet was subject to the landdrost of the district and acted as his representative.

5.Krogh later become Landdrost of Middelburg.

6.In 1984 the " Landdrost " became the first mayor of the new city Almere.

7.In 1805 the growing village of Roodezand was renamed'Tulbagh'and a landdrost was stationed there.

8.The East Frisian Landdrost Boing of Oldersum came to Maria's rescue and drove the invaders out of Jeverland.

9.During the initial period of inhabitation a special, government-appointed officer was installed, known as the " Landdrost ".

10.The latter swore him in on 14 February 1804, at which time Graaff-Reinet had been without a permanent landdrost since 1801.

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