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lay up sentence in Hindi

"lay up" meaning in Hindi
  • I figured my best chance to make par was to lay up.
  • On 14 ( a par-5 ), we both had to lay up.
  • Marcela lays up but hits her third shot short of the green.
  • A female fly lays up to five clutches of 80 eggs each.
  • I said all week I would not be afraid to lay up.
  • And they propagate rapidly, since the female lays up to 600 eggs.
  • He'd lay up instead of charging, knowing the birdies would eventually drop.
  • They usually lay 2-3 eggs but they can lay up to 5.
  • Jefferson also added four steals, some of which culminated in lay ups.
  • I felt like my best chance for par was to lay up.
  • You need to lay up close on the main track at Saratoga.
  • Female millipedes can lay up to six eggs under logs and moist soil.
  • Lay up with an iron, 115 yards short of the green.
  • "I had no choice but to lay up, " he said.
  • Then came the 15th, when an errant drive forced him to lay up.
  • It lays up to 10 eggs at the end of summer.
  • It almost forced you to lay up, because it was wet,
  • The Bruins scored first when Moiso found Ryan Bailey for a lay up.
  • Females lay up to 300 eggs, usually in clusters of 30 to 60.
  • He decided to lay up rather than going for the green.
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