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English-Hindi > learning ability

learning ability meaning in Hindi

learning ability sentence in Hindi
learning    अभ्यास पांडित्य
ability    अधिकार कौशल
1.This is a course designed to improve individual writing and learning abilities.

2.He also found that early experiences in the home shaped learning ability.

3.Cognitive ability is also called learning ability or  general mental ability.

4.In mice, large differences in learning ability exist among different inbred strains.

5.Fewer faulted large class sizes or the learning abilities of today's students.

6.LeapFrog's Tag reader is accessible to a wide variety of students'learning abilities.

7.They also neglect health care, which can affect children's learning ability, critics said.

8.There is also a lack of learning ability associated with logic based methods.

9.This in-lab training accelerated children s word learning abilities outside of the laboratory.

10.General intelligence is actually quite a poor indicator of language-learning ability.

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mental ability; "he''s got plenty of brains but no common sense"
Synonyms: brain, brainpower, mental capacity, mentality, wit,

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