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English-Hindi > leggy

leggy meaning in Hindi

leggy sentence in Hindi
1.One can only sympathize with Berkley, as the leggy newcomer.

2.Remove spent blossoms and any leggy stems to encourage more flowers.

3.It gets leggy and weird and yellow in about two weeks.

4.Leggy chorines synchronized their slides down a stage-spanning glacier.

5.Not that Brooks and company neglect the tall, leggy chorines.

6.Behind a nearby curtain, a leggy blond dancer strips for quarters.

7.Instead of cheerleaders, King would hire leggy card girls.

8.Often the seedlings were leggy and not taken care of.

9."leggy " and the prince's latest sweetheart.

10.But they were never bushy, had little foliage and looked leggy.

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having long legs
Synonyms: long-legged, long-shanked,

(of plants) having tall spindly stems
Synonyms: tall-growing,

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