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English-Hindi > legio

legio meaning in Hindi

legio sentence in Hindi
1.Remnants of the legion were possibly merged with Legio VII Gemina.

2.Generally thought to have been built by legio XX Valeria Victrix.

3.Eleazar pillaged the Legio and returned to Jerusalem with substantial loot.

4.The place where it established its camp was known as Legio.

5."La Ultima Legio " by Valerio Massimo ( Sudamericana)

6.The Legio II Parthica was removed from Alba ( Albano Laziale ),

7.Generally thought to have been built by legio II Augusta.

8.Generally thought to have been built by legio VI Victrix.

9.Seeing a former Legio II " Augusta " in Germania.

10.These included the Legio XXX Ulpia Victrix and the Legio X Fretensis.

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