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liabilities sentence in Hindi

"liabilities" meaning in Hindiliabilities in a sentence
  • Yet the broader goal of product-liability reform remains unmet.
  • The rift is seen here as a major liability for Fujimori.
  • But when the crash came, those liabilities looked unbearably large.
  • The IBM name, in fact, can be a liability.
  • What is a liability to some voters may attract many others.
  • In a competitive world, high costs are a major liability.
  • With the 401 ( k ), you have a liability.
  • Besides, he said, the cost of liability insurance skyrocketed.
  • Federal campaign laws require candidates to disclose their assets and liabilities.
  • Executives there are personally liable for company liability, Anderson said.
  • Veterans invariably believe their moxie can overcome liabilities of aged muscle.
  • A spinoff would mean less cash, but no tax liabilities.
  • And it has a Liability Task Group to consider constitutional issues.
  • We were advised that she could try to spread the liability.
  • Neither Tidel nor Emerson admitted any liability in settling the lawsuits.
  • It is extremely important that liability issues not drive transportation safety,
  • The question of liability looms largest, however, Marks said.
  • Most states insist that operators charge enough to cover these liabilities.
  • Airlines that don't keep up could face liability problems.
  • They're saying white is stability and black is liability.
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