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English-Hindi > library science

library science meaning in Hindi

library science sentence in Hindi
पुस्तकालय विज्ञान
library    लाइब्रेरी वाचनालय
science    उस्तादी कौशल
1.Information science should not be confused with information theory or library science.

2.She went on to receive degrees in Library Science from Columbia University.

3.Lansky chose to pursue a career in library science instead of art.

4.Jenkins sent Khan abroad in 1954 for further studies in library science.

5.She obtained her M . S . in Library Science in 1952.

6.In library science parlance, it's called a " fixed location " system.

7.Similar definitions are used in library science, and other areas of scholarship.

8.On Tuesday, students carted library science books into the new underground stacks.

9.Paradoxically, more people are studying library science now than in recent years.

10.He decided to study library science at the University of Southern California.

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the study of the principles and practices of library administration

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