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English-Hindi > lightenings

lightenings meaning in Hindi

lightenings sentence in Hindi
1.Recently, however, he has been lightening up on technology.

2.A launch attempt was abandoned Friday because of thunder and lightening.

3.Lightening the mood were seashell printed silk and chiffon gypsy dresses.

4.Possible solutions include lengthening the asphalt runway or lightening the plane.

5.The solutions could include lightening the plane or extending the runway.

6.Blame it on the arbitrageurs and dealers lightening up their positions.

7.Again it showed the lightening transition the Croats are capable of.

8.It came like a bolt of lightening on a clear day,

9.Medical studies have shown the efficiency of arbutin for skin lightening.

10.I was thinking along the lines of lightening the dark photo.

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