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lineal heir sentence in Hindi

"lineal heir" meaning in Hindilineal heir in a sentence
  • Neither state taxes bequests to lineal heirs.
  • Over the holder unrestricted right granted by the latter lineal heir almost returned to the king.
  • The lineal heir was Mary, Queen of Scots although she wasn t acknowledged as heir.
  • Under the doctrine, the British annexed any non-British state where there was a lack of a proper male lineal heir.
  • Top tax rates range from 4.5 percent ( Pennsylvania on lineal heirs ) to 18 percent ( Nebraska on collateral heirs ).
  • Lineal heir to " Max Group-1 " are the 2002 established production companies  Global Films and  Global Vision ( later renamed to Global Frame ).
  • In 1858 he assumed by Royal licence the surname of Stucley in lieu of his patronymic as lineal heir of the ancient Stucley family, which had possessed Affeton Castle in Devon for over 600 years.
  • And Callias was so afraid of the scheming of Alcibiades to get his wealth, that he made public proffer to the people of his property and house in case it should befall him to die without lineal heirs ."
  • If there are no present or prospective lineal heirs, title passes to the nearest collateral line of the descendants of the King in accordance with the principle of lineal descent, with preference being given for elder over the younger.
  • Italy's post-fascists _ lineal heirs of Mussolini, however much they may have fumigated themselves _ have been in coalition government, and are now accepted, on the left as well as the right, as part of the democratic fabric.
  • In 1810 he succeeded his second cousin twice removed William Douglas, 4th Duke of Queensberry and 3rd Earl of March to the Earldom of March, as the lineal heir male of the aforementioned Lady Anne Douglas, sister of the first Earl of March.
  • The exemptions under state inheritance taxes vary greatly, ranging from $ 500 ( Kentucky and New Jersey ) for bequests to unrelated individuals to unlimited exemptions ( Iowa and Kentucky ) for bequests to lineal heirs, such as children or parents of the decedent.
  • Many have come to view the Freemasons as the lineal heirs of the Knights Templar, but other conspiracy theorists ascribe that role to the Jesuits, while others still place all three under the same umbrella, loosely or otherwise, since reading Albert Pike's " Morals and Dogma ":
  • Bush has not really had to get tough yet, but it is worth remembering that he is the lineal heir to a trend-setting enterprise in the techniques of opponent destruction, that being the campaign that his father, President George Bush, waged against Michael Dukakis, the Democratic nominee, in 1988.
  • The strict lineal heir ( according to modern doctrine ) of Edward III is Princess Elizabeth as she is the senior heir of Lionel of Antwerp through the marriage of Anne ( sister to Edmund, 5th Earl of March, Heir Presumptive to Richard II  see above ) to Richard of Coisburgh, Earl of Cambridge ( heir of 2nd Duke of York ).
  • He married the great heiress Janet Charteris, daughter of Colonel William Douglas, 4th Duke of Queensberry and 3rd Earl of March, he succeeded as fourth Earl of March, fourth Viscount of Peebles and fourth Lord Douglas of Neidpath, Lyne and Munard as the lineal heir male of the aforementioned Lady Anne Douglas, sister of the first Earl of March ( see below ).
  • Lykiard's 40-year collection, " Selected Poems 1956 96 ", received appreciative critical accolades, with Dominic Behan calling Lykiard " The heir to my friend Louis Macneice ", while Kevin Bailey wrote : " Alexis Lykiard is the true lineal heir to Lord Rochester and Dean Swift . He is an unsettling poet to read . & Forty years devotion to one craft  that of Writer.
  • There is a stated preference that a prince take precedence over a princess, however this is subject to the exception that if there are " shortcomings in the elder prince, it is the sacred duty of the King to select and proclaim the most capable prince or princess as heir to the Throne . " Title to the throne may also pass to the child of the Queen who is pregnant at the time of the demise of the King if no lineal heir exists.
  • The same continuity of lineal succession and right was also upheld in the case of the Chief Serjeantcy of Ireland, when it was found that neither a period of adverse possession, nor " " nonusor " nor " mysusor " " was held valid against the legitimate and upheld claim of the lineal heir, Walter Cruise, of the first grantee, centuries later, as decreed and adjudged on the 13 November in the fifth year of the reign of King Edward VI, and as recorded in Lynch s  Feudal Dignities.

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