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lineaments sentence in Hindi

"lineaments" meaning in Hindilineaments in a sentence
  • Over the years Hardin had taken on the lineaments of evil.
  • It consists of wide double walled sinuous lineaments ( Voyager images.
  • Lineaments have also been identified on other planets and their moons.
  • She has laid out the lineaments of her life in three autobiographies.
  • Another lineament may form the eastern rim of the lava dome complex.
  • Local fault zones and lineaments also contribute to the geomorphology.
  • Wolf Island is the southerly island on the lineament.
  • Mount Pirongia and Mount Karioi are part of a lineament in the group.
  • The Abberley Hills to their north also form a part of this lineament.
  • The volcano forms a lineament with Saxani and Isluga.
  • This lineament is known as " Archibarca lineament ".
  • This lineament is known as " Archibarca lineament ".
  • The volcano was formed on top of the Calama Olacapato El Toro lineament.
  • This unit appears to be sets of subparallel lineaments of fractures or grabens.
  • The volcanic range is long and may have originated from deep seated basement lineaments.
  • This fault correlates well with a 30 km long lineament seen on satellite images.
  • Other features include grabens, troughs and lineaments.
  • On its western margin, it borders a lineament that cuts through the cones.
  • It formed along the Lipez geological lineament about 6.6 million years ago.
  • Two major regional lineaments have influenced Choquelimpie volcanism.
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