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linear accelerator sentence in Hindi

"linear accelerator" meaning in Hindi
  • "' TrueBeam "'is a radiotherapy device, a linear accelerator, manufactured by Varian.
  • Linear accelerators are also widely used in medicine, for radiotherapy and radiosurgery.
  • Inspired, Kunz built his own site at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.
  • He was a Research Associate at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center 1969 74.
  • His doctoral dissertation was entitled " A Linear Accelerator for Electrons ".
  • The other is a linear accelerator, which generally collides electrons and positrons.
  • The radiation medicine department has a TrueBeam linear accelerator and stereotactic radiation capabilities.
  • He worked there on the construction of a, 20 GeV electron linear accelerator.
  • The electrons make up to five passes through the linear accelerators.
  • In linear accelerator therapy, the emission head ( called " ablated.
  • One is a $ 4.5 billion linear accelerator, which makes tritium with high-energy beams.
  • In 1993, Brainlab developed a linear accelerator-based system for stereotactic radiosurgery using micromultileaf collimators.
  • It has been described as a linear accelerator running backwards.
  • APBI treatments can be given as brachytherapy or external beam with a linear accelerator.
  • Prescott also participated in studies for the design and implementation of future linear accelerators.
  • Protons are accelerated to 30 MeV by linear accelerator URAL-30.
  • MLCs are used on linear accelerators to provide conformal shaping of radiotherapy treatment beams.
  • Is it a requirement to use linear accelerators to get photons with higher energy.
  • But, if you are a woman who swoons over linear accelerators, consider Bryn Mawr.
  • Linear accelerators ( " linacs " ) accelerate elementary particles along a straight path.
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