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English-Hindi > litigated

litigated meaning in Hindi

litigated sentence in Hindi
• मुकदमेबाजी करना
• नालिश करना
• अदालत में लड़ना
• मुकदमा लड़ना
• मुकदमा करना
1."It's a pleasure to litigate with him.

2.Two separate statutory provisions provide the FEC with independent litigating authority.

3.Our objective is not to litigate _ it is to license,

4.But rather than negotiate or call, they chose to litigate.

5.It might embolden others to take a shot at actively litigating.

6.The issue is currently being litigated in federal and state courts.

7.I think we will prevail if we need to litigate it,

8.To date, negotiating has taken a back seat to litigating.

9.These cases can cost more to fully litigate than the damages,

10.Both terms describe a nightmarish immigration case being litigated in Florida.

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