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English-Hindi > liven

liven meaning in Hindi

liven sentence in Hindi
1.But Nagy seemed to liven up as the game went on.

2.The choreography could liven up on Wednesday night in Game 2.

3.I was trying to do something to liven up the game,

4.Here's a quick way to liven up pinto beans.

5.Frederick Howard Livens was Chief Engineer and later Chairman of Lincoln.

6.Maybe an image or two placed tactfully could liven it up?

7.That he needed to liven the place up a bit.

8.The Chiefs finally figured out how to liven up their draft day.

9.He might not be the one to liven up a backyard barbecue.

10.Even another murder and a psychic can't liven things up.

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make lively; "let''s liven up this room a bit"
Synonyms: enliven, liven up, invigorate, animate,

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