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English-Hindi > liver sausage

liver sausage meaning in Hindi

liver sausage sentence in Hindi
यकृत गुलमा
liver    जिगर जीनेवाला
sausage    सासेज सॉसेज
1.It is also known as liver sausage by some English speakers.

2.Sometimes it also includes liver sausage or blood sausage.

3.Braunschweiger : German pork liver sausage, nearly always smoked.

4.Liver sausages may also be used as spreads.

5.The kind that smells from engine oil and Gaulois cigarettes and garlic and liver sausage and hay.

6.Also from Teramo are the spreadable sausages flavored with nutmeg, liver sausages tasting of garlic and spices.

7.Liver sausage, which has been compared to haggis, and blood sausage are also a common foodstuff in Iceland.

8.At the same time, fresh pork sausages and pig liver sausages and several varieties of salami are prepared as well.

9.There are two types of sl�tur; bl��m�r ( Icelandic ) or " blood pudding " and lifrarpylsa ( " liver sausage " ).

10.Due to the abundance of liver sausage in the logging camps along the line, it was nicknamed the " Gut and Liver Line ."

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sausage containing ground liver
Synonyms: liver pudding, liverwurst,

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