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English-Hindi > liverwurst

liverwurst meaning in Hindi

liverwurst sentence in Hindi
1.It wasn't all puttering and liverwurst au naturel.

2.In the US, sliced liverwurst is used as a sandwich filler.

3.And braunschweiger, which is liverwurst by another name.

4.There's probably a stinky-cheese and liverwurst

5.There's a choice of venison, chicken or liverwurst at RM10.

6.Liverwurst usually contains pigs'or calves'livers.

7.Many regions in Germany have distinct recipes for liverwurst.

8.I could pop a pill in his liverwurst and he would never even know.

9.But it's not liverwurst, either.

10.Of course, there aren't many liverwurst-eaters in history books.

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sausage containing ground liver
Synonyms: liver pudding, liver sausage,

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