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English-Hindi > loafer

loafer meaning in Hindi

loafer sentence in Hindi
1.They were never exactly to pizza what Gucci was to loafers.

2.A woman speaking rapidly kicked a brown loafer across the floor.

3.His oxblood loafers were polished and his hair was fashionably greased.

4.Ballerina pumps and elegant loafer styles look smart and are comfortable.

5.Gary Titus wanted to see the brown loafers at Bruno Magli.

6.The knife was awarded to each year's champion loafer.

7.Rubber-sole Weejun Rick vs . Italian leather loafer Rick.

8.And to be sure, the loafer qualifies as a classic.

9.The loafer was especially popular last fall at Hall's.

10.Silk shirt, silk pants, handmade loafers, gold chains.

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person who does no work; "a lazy bum"
Synonyms: idler, do-nothing, layabout, bum,

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