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English-Hindi > logistic

logistic meaning in Hindi

logistic sentence in Hindi

• तर्कगणित
• लाजिस्टिक
• सुप्रचालनिक
• सैन्यतंत्र
• तार्किक
• संभार-तंत्र संबंधी
1.Of course, the daily logistics of CNN International are daunting.

2.Chattanooga, Tenn ., provider of transportation and logistics services.

3.The road network and logistics infrastructure are rugged and very limited,

4.Railways will be very important in the supply and logistics operation.

5.It's all about logistics and setting it all up.

6.And the logistics of tampering with such material would be daunting.

7.The logistics of the production were particularly daunting, Albrecht said.

8.The cost and logistics of such a program would be prohibitive.

9.Chief Executive Wayne Garten will assume responsibility for MIS logistics functions.

10.The logistics and costs of serving the new development are overwhelming.

of or relating to logistics; "logistic requirements"
Synonyms: logistical,

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