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English-Hindi > lordliness

lordliness meaning in Hindi

lordliness sentence in Hindi
1.Rip Torn plays Zeus with the grandiose lordliness of John Huston.

2.Half a century earlier public lordliness might have done well enough ( it's still practiced in private ), but it was mostly unsuited to British political style once Queen Victoria was no more.

3.He began as an expatriate in Paris, hooking up with Gertrude Stein, who told him, with her customary lordliness, that his name should be Freddy, not Paul, because Paul was a romantic name and he was no romantic.

4.Coleridge explained his feelings about those that influenced him in a letter to John Thelwall written on the 17th of December 1796, " But do not let us introduce an act of Uniformity against Poets  I have room enough in " my " brain to admire, aye & almost equally, the " head " and fancy of Akenside, and the " heart " and fancy of Bowles, the solemn Lordliness of Milton, & the divine chit chat of Cowper ."

overbearing pride evidenced by a superior manner toward inferiors
Synonyms: arrogance, haughtiness, hauteur, high-handedness,

formality in bearing and appearance; "he behaved with great dignity"
Synonyms: dignity, gravitas,

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