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English-Hindi > lotto

lotto meaning in Hindi

noun plural: lottos   
lotto sentence in Hindi
1.Make that $ 59 . My Lotto number bombed, too.

2.Rich Holman, editor in chief of Lotto World, said.

3.Not that " Lotto Land " is a disaster.

4.The Lotto, it makes people buy food, ice cream.

5.But winning Lotto Texas proved a little too much to bear.

6."We don't even play Lotto ."

7.Lotto's art has paradoxical aspects that explain his elusiveness.

8.So, I'm paying these guys to play lotto.

9.No, I didn't win the Lotto that week.

10.The difference between the daily games and Lotto is the odds.

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a game in which numbered balls are drawn at random and players cover the corresponding numbers on their cards
Synonyms: bingo, beano, keno,

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