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English-Hindi > lowlife

lowlife meaning in Hindi

noun plural: lowlifes   
lowlife sentence in Hindi
1.They may have been lowlifes, but they changed rock history.

2.The subterranean janitor is a winsome narrator, a sympathetic lowlife.

3.The Brooklyn D . A . is a lowlife political hack,

4.Hoffman delivers an amusing turn as lowlife tabloid reporter Freddy Lounds.

5."Runners " are the lowlifes of football and basketball.

6.Baseball also has a long history of employing rampaging lowlifes.

7.From Lowlifes to Haute Couture, Plus a Dollop of Beethoven

8.They are often caricatured as lowlife gossips peddling salacious rumors.

9.And some of the lowlifes, too, such as Charles Manson.

10.He is allowed to be a lowlife, if he wants to.

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a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible; "only a rotter would do that"; "kill the rat"; "throw the bum out"; "you cowardly little pukes!"; "the British call a contemptible person a `git''"
Synonyms: rotter, dirty dog, rat, skunk, stinker, stinkpot, bum, puke, crumb, scum bag, so-and-so, git,

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