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English-Hindi > lunge

lunge meaning in Hindi

pronunciation:[ lʌndʒ ]  sound:  
verb past tense: lunged   verb past participle: lunged   noun plural: lunges   verb present participle: lunging   
• ठेल
• ढकेल
• धक्का
• हूल
• छलाँग
• झपट्टा
• झोंका

• लंज नाइट्रोमीटर
• ढकेलना
• धक्का देना
• झपट्टा मारना
• आगे कूदना
• झपटना
the act of moving forward suddenly
Synonyms: lurch,

(fencing) an attacking thrust made with one foot forward and the back leg straight and with the sword arm outstretched forward
Synonyms: straight thrust, passado,

make a thrusting forward movement
Synonyms: hurl, hurtle, thrust,

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