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lurcher sentence in Hindi

"lurcher" meaning in Hindilurcher in a sentence
  • Squire Bantam arrives, having learned of the burglary plot from Lurcher.
  • Thornton played Lurcher in Alfred Cellier's " Gaiety Theatre.
  • Many racing dogs were part terrier, part Greyhound, or part Lurcher.
  • In addition, lurchers are appearing in Alaska.
  • Phillips and the Lurchers continued to evolve and maintained a reputation as a compelling live act.
  • She regularly jogs alongside her dog Zededee, a rescue lurcher, and has completed the London Marathon.
  • On 19 June " Lurcher ", Lieutenant Robert Forbes, came into Plymouth from Penmarks.
  • He also yields up the mortgage he holds on Lurcher's property, thus restoring Lurcher's fortunes.
  • He also yields up the mortgage he holds on Lurcher's property, thus restoring Lurcher's fortunes.
  • In the western Cape in the early 1900s, dogs bred by crossing foxhounds, lurchers and borzoi were used.
  • Many Travellers are breeders of dogs such as greyhounds or lurchers and have a long-standing interest in horse trading.
  • My introduction to hares was when my lurcher dog would proudly bring hares home and drop them at my feet ."
  • The guests retire to rest, and in the dark, Wilder, Sherwood and Lurcher carry out Wilder's scheme.
  • On 22 September 1914 " Firedrake " and " Lurcher " towed the submarines and towards the Skagerrak.
  • Bedlington Terriers have been crossed with Whippets to produce a Lurcher with " extra guts, pep, [ and ] fire ."
  • Jameson's made The Cherry-Faced Lurchers, it was the moment at which a rather ramshackle band pulled itself together.
  • The book is loosely based on Des Dillon's own life, and his lurcher ( also called Bailey ) who has epilepsy.
  • I suggest it might have been a lurcher, see the third image on that page ( the dog called " Bubbles " ).
  • Lurcher's modus operandi involves disguise and trickery : it's easier to burgle a house when the inhabitants are terrified of devils.
  • On 23 November 1800 Captain Sir Richard Strachan in " Lurcher " towed in four more boats from " Magicienne ".
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