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macadamized sentence in Hindi

"macadamized" meaning in Hindimacadamized in a sentence
  • It was macadamized from Tygart Valley River to Parkersburg in 1848.
  • The surface was macadamized, with toll booths about every.
  • In 1950 Whiskey Bottom Road was straightened, widened, and Macadamized.
  • Two years later, Gay Street was macadamized and paved with cobblestones.
  • It was the first macadamized road in the state.
  • Both road beds were macadamized in 1907.
  • The railways ended at the border, as Russian trains operated on a different macadamized roads.
  • Dirt roads are suitable for vehicles; a laterite roads, murram roads and macadamized roads .)
  • They widened, graded and macadamized the now public highway, and gave it the name of Bloomfield Avenue.
  • He also worked on macadamizing the towpath, dredging the Rock Creek basin, and the Georgetown inclined plane.
  • In his capacity as alderman, he was a successful advocate for the " macadamizing " of public roads.
  • In January 1905, local citizens asked that Western Avenue be created and macadamized from Westmoreland Circle to Chevy Chase Circle.
  • In 1847, the General Assembly authorized the County Court to borrow $ 50, 000 to macadamize all of Gravois Road.
  • Upon receiving her husband's inheritance, she suggested macadamizing the streets of and Sharon, Connecticut for use of automobiles.
  • Bardstown Road was originally a turnpike ( with a macadamized surface ), and tolls were collected at toll gates along the way.
  • The macadamized road enabled fast movement of heavy wagon trains and gun carriages even during rainy weather, when dirt roads turned into mud.
  • Transit Street was macadamized in this year, the German Lutheran church was built, and in December the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Emmaus Society was organized.
  • In 1917, the town's boundaries were expanded, the streets were macadamized, and public water and electricity were brought into the town.
  • In 1845, industrialist Peter Gorman was responsible for the first macadamized ( paved ) road in Laurel, Avondale Street next to the new Mill.
  • In 1845, Peter Gorman was responsible for the first macadamized ( paved ) road in Laurel, Avondale Street next to the new Avondale Mill.
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