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mach stem sentence in Hindi

"mach stem" meaning in Hindi
  • The formation of a mach stem is one example of constructive interference.
  • In inverse Mach reflection, the Mach stem is convex toward the oncoming flow, and the slip plane curves away from the reflecting surface.
  • He studied the effects of nuclear blasts, and co-authored a paper with John von Neumann on Mach stem formation, an important aspect of an air blast wave.
  • This precursor was formed when the shock wave reflected off the ground and surpassed the incident wave and Mach stem due to a heated ground air layer and the low burst height.
  • The only type of Mach reflection possible in steady flow is direct-Mach reflection, in which the Mach stem is convex away from the oncoming flow, and the slip plane slopes towards the reflecting surface.

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