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machanic sentence in Hindi

"machanic" meaning in Hindi
  • Linda Celeste Sims was simultaneously partnered by Amos J . Machanic, Jr ., and Clyde Archer.
  • Bill Machanic, of WSI Corp ., said, " We would love for them to point at us ."
  • Amos J . Machanic Jr . and Brown were Fisher-Harrell's attendants in choreography that built to a striking apotheosis.
  • Amos Machanic Jr ., was the adult he grew into, dreaming of his boyhood sweetheart, his mother and his wife.
  • The elegant cast was completed by Asha Thomas, Troy O'Neil Powell, Cheryl Ann Rowley, Amos J . Machanic Jr ., Briana Reed and Askia Swift.
  • "Innate Properties " was performed by Lakey Evans and Marie Muriel, Repertory Ensemble dancers, and Gerodias and Amos Machanic Jr ., who have graduated into the senior company.
  • Machanic offered an eloquent performance of " I Want to Be Ready " and Bernard Gaddis, Rushing and Troy Powell tore the house down in " Sinner Man ."
  • Rushing deserves better, but his elegance and cool urgency were impressive, in a strong cast that included Nasha Thomas-Schmitt, Bernard Gaddis, Linda-Denise Evans, Amos Machanic and Guillermo Asca.
  • Jeffrey Gerodias and Amos Machanic Jr ., members of the Alvin Ailey Repertory Ensemble who are clearly destined for major dance careers, sizzled their way through a high-flying duet from Ailey's " Streams ."
  • Its constant bombardments of steps were danced with awesome force by Linda Caceres, Linda-Denise Evans, Dwana Adiaha Smallwood, Rosalyn Sanders, Matthew Rushing, Richard Witter, Amos J . Machanic Jr ., Guillermo Asca and Powell.
  • There are hot newcomers like Jeffrey Gerodias and Amos J . Machanic Jr ., who recently moved up from the Ailey junior company, and there is a veteran artist of nuanced subtlety like Dudley Williams, who has performed with the company for 32 years.
  • Preparing to meet one's maker is not an easy theme to express, but Ailey did so with a distilled perfection that Amos J . Machanic Jr ., especially, rendered with controlled beauty in the solo " I Wanna Be Ready ."
  • Machanic showed how Horton's love of keeping the body close to the ground could be profoundly expressive in the solo " I Wanna Be Ready . " Hall and Clyde Archer brought a touching vulnerability to the duet " Fix Me Jesus " that had not been seen in years.
  • Then there is Rolf's secretary Carmen Diaz ( Louise Wischermann ) and the machanic Ricardo Vel�zquez ( Gaspar Cano ), who lives together with his lover Eva Hansen ( Wookie Mayer ), his son Felipe ( Kike Mas ) and the Hotel employee Nicole Beck ( Judith Rumpf ) on an old Finca.
  • There were moments when the choreography looked gussied up and a little hectic, but not in the beautifully nuanced dancing of Fisher-Harrell and Amos J . Machanic Jr . ( " Fix Me, Jesus " ), and Vernard J . Gilmore, Venus Hall and Briana Reed ( " Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel " ).

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