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mach wave sentence in Hindi

"mach wave" meaning in Hindi
  • In the subsonic case the noise is produced by eddies and in the supersonic case by Mach waves.
  • Mach waves can be used in schlieren or shadowgraph observations to determine the local Mach number of the flow.
  • The expansion " fan " is composed of Mach waves that span from the initial Mach angle to the final Mach angle.
  • When this occurs, the locus of these waves trailing behind the point creates an angle known as the Mach wave angle or Mach angle, ?
  • We know that when an object moves in a flow, it causes pressure disturbances ( which travel at the speed of sound, also known as Mach waves ).
  • With ? = 0? a normal shock is produced at the limit of the strong oblique shock and the Mach wave is produced at the limit of the weak shock wave.
  • As opposed to the flow encountering an inclined obstruction and forming an oblique shock, the flow expands around a convex corner and forms an expansion fan through a series of isentropic Mach waves.
  • On 21 November 1963, the squadron was renamed the " Sunliners " and a new insignia was approved consisting of a black background with the international orange " mach wave " design.
  • Early observations by Ernst Mach used grooves in the wall of a duct to produce Mach waves in a duct, which were then photographed by the schlieren method, to obtain data about the flow in nozzles and ducts.
  • Each wave in this case is a Mach wave, so it is at an angle \ alpha = sin ^ {-1 } ( \ frac { 1 } { M } ), where M is the Mach number immediately before the wave.

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