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English-Hindi > machined

machined meaning in Hindi

machined sentence in Hindi
• कल
• बाइसिकिल
• मशीन
• मोटर
• यंत्र
• यन्त्र
• संगठन
• साइकिल
• इंजन

• मशीनित
• यंत्रित
1.A convoy of jeeps with mounted machine guns escorted six buses.

2.This machine uses an 80486 processor from AMD rather than Intel.

3.Some machines take dollar bills, but the receptacles are expensive.

4.Analysts gave 3DO an overall B for getting its machines manufactured.

5.Lottor said he is more comfortable counting machines, not people.

6.The machine greeted me once more with the impenetrable password prompt.

7.A Rolling Stones concert is a battle between man and machine.

8.Seems the news room had installed a fancy new copying machine.

9.-- Banning tobacco vending machines and self-service displays.

10.The same disks work on both Microsoft Windows and Macintosh machines.

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