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English-Hindi > macrocosm

macrocosm meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'mækrəkɔzəm ]  sound:  
macrocosm sentence in Hindi
1.The microcosm is oneself, and the macrocosm is the universe.

2.Man is a microcosm that mirrors the larger macrocosm.

3.Macrocosm and Microcosm is an important concept in Macrobiology.

4.And what these guys did in microcosm was trud kf the country in macrocosm,

5.Island countries are a microcosm, of which all other countries are a macrocosm,

6.In invocation, the macrocosm floods the consciousness.

7.In evocation, the magician, having become the macrocosm, creates a microcosm.

8.Her diaphonous, poetic evocations of natural phenomena investigate both the micro and the macrocosm.

9.In art, microcosm meets macrocosm.

10.For curator Markus Bruederlin, it is a travel " from microcosm to macrocosm ."

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everything that exists anywhere; "they study the evolution of the universe"; "the biggest tree in existence"
Synonyms: universe, existence, creation, world, cosmos,

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