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English-Hindi > macroeconomic

macroeconomic meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ -mik ]  sound:  
macroeconomic sentence in Hindi
1.Long-term foreign investors seek macroeconomic stability and sustainable growth.

2.The path to appropriate exchange rate relationships is sound macroeconomic policies,

3.Now the government can hopefully start to focus on macroeconomic problems.

4.We hope to abide by our macroeconomic aims for the year,

5.When that failed, bank executives turned to good macroeconomic policy.

6.On a macroeconomic level, America is almost picture-perfect.

7.Consumer spending really is the key to gauging the macroeconomic future,

8.Then there are the macroeconomic factors that favor the ski industry.

9.Paul counseled the GOP to " forget macroeconomics ."

10.And the current macroeconomic backdrop features low inflation and low unemployment.

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of or relating to macroeconomics

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